Wednesday / June 28 / 2017

Market Day - Grade 1


Message from the Vice Principal of Elementary School

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Collegiate American School—so proud to be in our fifth year of learning! “Raising the Bar from where we are” is our motto and we strive to raise that bar in every aspect of our school.

The elementary years are an exciting time for students and parents. Children’s thinking becomes more complex and sophisticated. They engage in logical thinking and move from concrete understandings to more abstract ones. This is also a time when students begin to understand themselves as learners and begin to think about thinking in a process called metacognition.

Our curriculum program supports that thinking through the Common Core Standards which are the cornerstone for analytical, inferential thinking—these standards help us push our students thinking and their levels of learning. Some curriculum programs we use at CAS that support the Common Core standards are readers and writer’s workshops, words their way and Go Math. We believe in the whole child which means that our attention to our extra-curricular activities is paramount to our program. On a monthly basis we celebrate our core values: Achievement, Collaboration, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility.

Our vision for students is big in the elementary—we want our students to become leaders, to learn leadership skills and to take on more and more responsibility. Some of the ways we foster student leadership are through student council, environmental club, students leading Sunday assemblies, involving students in open house days with prospective parents, and the learning council.

In addition, we believe in what Carole Dweck refers to as Growth mindset which means cultivating our students to have the following characteristics:


This kind of mindset allows students to reach their highest potential and keeps them making strides in their performance. We want to encourage our students to embrace a Growth Mindset as they grow and learn.

We are so pleased to have you be part of our CAS family.


Maha Sarraf

Deputy Principal