Wednesday / July 18 / 2018

Swim Gala


Sports Day


Message from the Dean of Students of Secondary  School 


Welcome to a new year at Collegiate American School. I am proud to be a member of the CAS family for five years now and look forward to getting to know the middle and high school families this year. I feel so lucky to be part of an international school community that allows students to collaborate, learn and appreciate different cultures. I believe it has a pivotal role to play in creating a sense of global citizenship in our students.

As Dean of Students, my goals include assisting students to excel in their academics, reach their personal goals, and develop their personal talents. I am committed to help and support all our students to reach their potential to the fullest, inspire students to take on the roles of young leaders, care for students during an emergency or crisis, and be an active member of their intrapersonal and interpersonal development.

One area I want to focus on this year is humanitarianism and civic engagement, which also coincides with the Year of Giving declared by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. I ask you to join us in implementing strategies that will not only motivate but inspire our students because it is only in unity that we can make a difference.

At CAS, we want our students to be proud of challenging themselves, trying out new things, being actively engaged in the school community, and make good choices that will not only benefit them during their school time but also their future. I also want to encourage students to be responsible in and outside the classroom so that they can be a part of promoting a diverse and socially responsible school environment. My aim is to be an advocate for the needs of all secondary students.

It is an honor to see students transform into strong, independent young individuals. They are my motivation! I strongly believe that our students have a role to play in all our futures, and that they will be successful in being the leaders of tomorrow. This is why I seek to inspire them to change the world. So let’s work together in making our students’ educational and personal journey at CAS be part of their life’s adventure!