Friday / March 24 / 2017

Swim Gala


Sports Day


Message from the Deputy Head of Secondary  School (Pastoral) & Diploma Programme Coordinator


I am excited to begin a new school year at Collegiate American School. I extend a warm welcome to all of you and if you are new to the school, you have entered into a very special school. We are a community school and we have a very warm and welcoming ethos. We promote the academic and social development of all our students in a safe and friendly environment and we are proud of our CAS Motto - Children Achieving Success. 

This year I will be working much more closely with you in my capacity as Deputy Principal - Pastoral.  I shall be responsible for managing and implementing student behavior policies and procedures, student safety and welfare and ensuring that the teacher duties are met. With your help, we will strive to maintain a feeling of well-being within the school and ensuring that expectations are high. Pupils in turn will ensure that they maintain high standards of personal behavior and appearance, attendance and punctuality.

Together as a team, we will encourage students to take pride in their school, to demonstrate loyalty and respect for each other, and the wider community. The coming school year will provide wonderful opportunities for the academic and social development of our students, and it is vital that we combine our efforts to help them succeed. 

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have a suggestion, concern, or just a "good story" to share!    I look forward to working with you and your children!