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SEN Admission Policy and Procedures

Collegiate American School’s admission policy in regard to SEN has been developed in accordance with Federal Law (2006), Law No. 2 (2014), and with international best practice such as IDEA guidelines and No-Child left Behind regulations.  This ensures we follow best practices of SEN admissions, identification, utilize informed parental consent, and maintain learning in the least restrictive environment in order for our students to be successful.                                                    

The effectiveness of the implementation of these policies for all students in all phases is evident through the identification and provision of services to students at various levels of abilities and needs and in different stages of the referral process.  The Senior Leadership Team, Student Support Team and the Advisory Council are engaged in the creating, evaluation and management of the SEN policies and procedures. Leaders and teachers attend relevant professional development to remain current in the field and able to offer suggestions and/or recommendations.  

 The admission procedure for SEN students includes completing all required admission forms and in addition to providing required documents to provide any external evaluations completed. An evaluation will then be scheduled with the Student Support Team Coordinator. Admissions are based on assessment of student need and current availability of SEN seats.

Student Support Team

In observance of Federal Law 29, the Student Support Team is committed to providing an exceptional education for our student population by utilizing the best practices of SEN identification, informed parental consent, and least restrictive environment. Our Board of Directors encourages the intake of students with special educational needs, as long as we have the expertise and facilities to care for and support them. The Advisory Council is engaged in, has an overview of, and makes provisions for children with special educational needs. Detailed reports are provided to the members of the Advisory Council, in writing and during meetings. Collegiate American School is committed to engaging and supporting all students in learning.  The Student Support Team is aware of the diverse needs of our student population and seeks to use all possible resources to meet this diversity.  The team also strives to support teachers and their work in the classroom by providing services to those students who need extra assistance but cannot receive it in the normal classroom setting.  The Student Support Team is continuously working to Identify students that need English language, academic and/or behavioral/emotional support, tracking students’ progress, and encouraging parents to volunteer and play an active role in the education of all CAS students.

MISSION: To help all students reach their potential and/or succeed within their grade level despite personal obstacles such as:

The Student Support Team (SST) is comprised of: