Monday / April 22 / 2019

Sports Day



Teaching in ways that will produce the contributors to the 21st century workforce, the Collegiate American School believes that student access and applications of technology are critical in gaining the knowledge needed in the 21st century. Students will be engaged in their learning through the use of iPads, interactive white boards, laptops, and other current technology.

Through the use of online programs, students are able to focus on concepts they may not have mastered and go at a pace they need to master the material. These programs present challenges to each student in individualized and collaborative experiences. The teacher guides students through the learning activities to provide opportunities to improve understanding. The involvement of technology assists in the development of the skills of accessing, searching, analyzing, storing, managing, creating and communicating information.

Collegiate American aims to integrate technologies from a wide range of industries to supply students with the most up to date relevant skills. Some of the various projects include the following:


Digital Organic Sculpting