Monday / August 21 / 2017

Spirit Day


Year Book

One of the most unique things about CAS is the opportunity our students have to create the school’s yearbook. There’s nothing more American than a yearbook! Our school yearbook serves as a record of all of the fun our students have during a year at CAS. It holds fond memories of learning, clubs, teachers, events, and friends.

The yearbook class and club is available for Middle School and High School students. The students learn a wide variety of subjects including photography, graphic design, advertising, marketing, sales, and journalism. The course also builds on students’ 21st century skills of leadership, collaboration, critical and creative thinking, problem solving, communication, flexibility, and productivity. The skills they learn in yearbook class are skills they can adapt to anything their future might hold.

Check out our student-created website for more information about our journey as well as to purchase this year’s book!

We use the American company Josten’s software to create our book and support our program.

Check them out here: