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Sports Day


Sports Day


Co-Curricular Activities

After School Activities (Session 2) - Online Registration
Registration will be open from 8 am on 29-Jan-2017 to 8 pm on 30-Jan-2017.

Teacher Led CCA Registration

CCA Mission

To provide a balanced and varied range of activities that will enhance and enrich the student experience at CAS. Our activity program is essential to developing a well-rounded CAS Sandcat. We want all students to get involved!

Important information

In order for our activities to run smoothly, it is important that all parents read the information below. Being aware of and following our CCA policies and procedures will help ensure that all students have a positive experience with our activities at CAS and will help to avoid disappointment. There have been some changes this year, so please be sure to read all of the information provided on this website.

Important Dates

To line up with the semesters, there will only be TWO CCA sessions this academic year. 

Session 1
Online Sign up for Elementary teacher Activities: 6 September at 8.00 am -8 September at 8.00 pm
Paid Activity Sign Up: September 19 & 20, 2:30-4:00 in the sports atrium
CCAs begin: September 18

Paid CCAs begin: October 2

All CCAs End*: January 19

Session 2
Online Sign up for Elementary teacher Activities: January 29 at 8.00 am - January 30 at 8.00 pm
Paid Activity Sign Up: January 29 & 30 2:30-4:00 in the main atrium
CCAs begin: February 5
All CCAs End*: May 25

*Some paid CCAs will end sooner than this date. Please be sure to check with your provider and make a note in your calendar of the dates specific to your student's activity.


PKG-KG1 activities are from 1:15pm - 2:15pm

KG2 - Grade 5 activities are from 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Grade 6 to Grade 10 paid activities are from 3:30pm to 4:30pm, teacher activities are during the school day.

Half Day

On half days there will be NO teacher or paid activities.

On CPD days there will be NO teacher or paid activities.


All information about Co-Curricular Activities will come from the NewsCASt, the School Communicator, and CCA page on the CAS website. Please make sure you are reading these communications to avoid missing out on important and upcoming events. If you are not receiving these communications, please speak to your children's homeroom teacher and/or contact IT at

PAID Activities

Please gain a receipt for any money paid.

Payment needs to be completed at sign up.

Please make sure to provide your child's full name and class including class letter (ie: KG1 E).

Please inform the provider how your child will be getting home; parents, driver, or school bus, and give them your contact details. If you are using the school bus, you must arrange it with the transportation company.

If you have any questions regarding paid activities, please speak directly to the activity provider at the sign up session or contact them using the contact details on the offerings list.

The school does not accept any payment or enrollment forms on behalf of the paid providers. These need to go directly to the providers at sign up.

Please check the dates of your activity on the schedule and confirm with the activity provider. Paid activities may have different dates than others.

TEACHER Activities

Spaces are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Sign up is online only, not through email. You will receive an email from the tech department once the site goes live.

In case of any questions regarding the nature of the teacher activities you may contact the lead teacher by email.

Please keep the teacher informed if your child will not be attending by sending an email to the homeroom and activity teachers by 12:00 midday.

Students are not permitted to switch activities, or to join after the deadline.

Students missing 3 meetings of the activity will forfeit their place and be removed from the roster.

Sign Up

It is important to note that no late registrations will be permitted. Please plan accordingly to avoid disappointment. 

Teacher activity sign up will take place online before the deadline. Please check the calendar for specific dates, as the specific days will vary based on the session. 

For paid activities, please attend the sign up sessions in the sports atrium to meet the activity providers, pay for, and sign up for the activities. Please make arrangements if you cannot be there and contact the provider before the deadline. 

PKG - KG2 students are permitted 1 teacher activity per week, and unlimited paid activities per week. One activity per day. 

G1  - G5 students are permitted 2 teacher activities per week, and unlimited paid activities per week. One activity per day. 

Middle School and High School students will participate in teacher led clubs during the school day called extensions. They are also able to participate in paid activities after school. Information about their options will come from homeroom teachers and club sponsors.


Buses are provided for all students after all teacher activities, but it is the responsibility of the parents to arrange this with the bus company. Please contact by email or stop by the desk in the CAS atrium and speak to them in person to make your arrangements. 

Buses can also be arranged for students in grades 1 - 5 after paid activities.

For the PKG and KG age groups, it is the responsibility of the parents to get their students to and from all paid activities. 

Teachers cannot take your students to paid activities, and buses will not be provided afterwards for PKG, KG1, and KG2 students.

Cancellation/Changing Activities

Activities do have a minimum and maximum number of participants depending on their nature. If an activity is cancelled due to low enrollment, you will be contacted by the CCA coordinator and those students will be able to sign up for another activity during the first week of activities. If no choice is made during that time, the student forfeits his/her chance to sign up for an activity.

Students may not change activities after the second week of the session.

Students missing 3 meetings of a teacher activity will forfeit their place and be removed from the roster.

If paid activities are cancelled, you will be notified by the provider directly.

If the school is closed, all activities are cancelled.

Once again, please sign up for all activities by the session deadline. No late registrations will be accepted. 

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the CCA Coordinator by email at

If you have any feedback on our program, please fill out our survey at this link: We appreciate both your positive and constructive comments to help us improve. 

NEW STUDENTS: Welcome to CAS! Please contact our CCA Coordinator at to sign up for activities if you have missed sign up, or for any questions you may have.