Monday / April 22 / 2019

M-H School Awards Ceremony


Elementary School 

Elementary school is a time when children gain self confidence in their learning as well as develop a love for learning. At Collegiate American School, the goal is to continually challenge each child to his or her potential. This is done through constant teacher-student interaction in learning and differentiated instruction. The intimate classroom environment and dedicated teachers allow children to be successful in all areas in learning. The elementary school is focused on the development of the whole child within a positive learning environment where children have multiple opportunities to learn.

At Collegiate American School, we pride ourselves on the spirit and extra-curricular activities our students are consistently engaged in. We ensure that our students are well rounded so that their academic, emotional, social, cultural and athletic needs are developed. Around 70 nationalities are celebrated here and because of that, a warm and welcome community is the essence of the school.

We hope you take some time to view our After School Activity pages in addition to our athletic pages to view the range of extra-curricular activities taking place at Collegiate American School. Students are also encouraged to take part in many cultural and academic events at the school—all are shown in our event page.